Get a Lease Now Dedicated Lease for Vacation Rental Owners


VRLease Basic Receive your keycode instantly by email and use it to download your VRLease as a Word .doc file - we also provide a copy by email. Personalize with simple information inserted into areas shown in red for you and your Vacation Rental property. Edit as needed. $39.95. This does not include legal advice. Good for all rentals in all your vacation rental properties.

VRLease Basic If you want help in personalizing your lease to you and your vacation rental property, supply us with your property listing, current lease, photos etc. You'll get a personalized lease for your property. $69.95. This does not include legal advice. Applies to one vacation rental property only.

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The Lease You Need...

  • Built for purpose
  • Deters bad renters
  • Easy to understand
  • Enables damage cost clawback
  • Encourages responsible renting
  • Easy to edit
  • Unlimited Use