Liz and Jon Sayers specialize in managing large luxury beach houses as vacation rentals. All are within a few blocks of our home/office so we provide a unique hands-on management experience for our owners and our renters. Our consistent and extreme high standards guarantee a wonderful vacation experience for renters while providing protection for owners’ beach houses and contents. Our underlying strategy for each beach house is to build a long term 5-star rental reputation to underpin its ongoing financial success. We’ve had 349 Five-Star Guest Reviews for the properties we manage. 80% of these Reviews mention our management service and/or style, giving independent evidence of our reputation and success as vacation rental managers.

We make it easy for your Vacation Rental to be successful

An Unusual Depth of Experience and Reputation

High Volume of Inquiries and Conversions

High Occupancy and Nightly Rates achieved

Continuing 5-Star Guest Reviews on VRBO, Flipkey, AirBNB

Best Renters found

Unwavering Policies, Consistently Intense Renter Scrutiny

Unique Hands-On Management Service and Style

Financial Transparency in Monthly Accounts

Flawless turnarounds between rentals

Reliable hand-picked third party contractor support

Unflinching Dedication, High Standards and Capabilities

An Exclusive Portfolio of Luxury Beach Houses for Vacation Rental


  • Find and Vet Renters
  • Provide a Strong Rental Lease
  • Use Cost-Efficient Advertising
  • Provide Swift Response to Inquiries
  • 24/7 Renter Liaison
  • Secure 5-Star Guest Reviews
  • Property Staging and Preparation
  • Handle Emergencies
  • Provide Maintenance Management
  • Intensive Cleaning by Own Team
  • Manage License Compliance
  • Lease Enforcement
  • Transparent Monthly Reporting
  • Collect, Pay Deposits, Rents & Taxes
  • Owners get High Income